Pre-Heated Solar Water Heater



Working Principle
One copper coil is installed inside the tank as the heat exchanger. When cold water flows into the copper coil, it absorbs heat from the hot water in the tank via the copper coil, therefore the water tank is just a heat storage tank.
1) Use hot water at any time: it adopts advanced design idea and integrates with high efficiency of pre-heated technique, so it can heat the cold water rapidly when water flows through the copper coil. It can overcome the demerits of traditional solar water heater, such as long waiting time.
2) Fresh and clean water: use water directly from the tap water.
3) Strong hydraulic pressure: the hydraulic pressure is same as tap water, it is very suitable for tired person.
4) Economical and environmental protection: there is no electricity consumption and pollution when it is working since it depends on the sun.
5) Easy operation: it can feed water automatically and set temperature freely, you can take it easy and enjoy good time.
1) Vacuum tube: borosilicate glass 3.3, AL-N/AL or Al N/Al N-SS/Cu selective absorbing coating
2) Vacuum tube size: Φ58×1800mm
3) Inner tank: made of SUS304-2B food grade stainless steel
4) Outer tank: color armor plate / stainless steel 304
5) Bracket: galvanized steel plate / aluminum alloy / stainless steel
6) Copper coil inside: Φ12×0.8mm
7) Assistant tank capacity: 5L
8) Tank capacity: 150L-300L
9) Optional accessories: electrical heater, controller
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