Solar Central Hot Water System



Solar Central Hot Water System
Solar central hot water system is made of solar collector, storage tank, control system, cycling system, auxiliary heating system and accessories. The cycling system has temperature circulation and pipeline circulation functions. The auxiliary heating system which uses electrical heater or heat pump can work automatically according to the set time and set temperature and supply constant pressurized hot water in cloudy or rainy days. The whole system works automatically, uses safely and maintains conveniently. The components can be assembled flexibly according to water capacity, installing place and users′ requirements. Generally, there are two patterns: the pattern of horizontal composition and the pattern of vertical composition.
Widely Applicable Situations:
It can be used widely such as hotel, public bath, school, army, factory etc.
High Degree Automation:
Automatic circulation, automatic auxiliary heating and automatic protection.
Economical and Practical:
Once investment, benefit all life.
Free Pollution and Energy Saving:
Use solar energy, environment friendly.
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